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Projet de fin d'étude en anglais

PFE en anglais

un projet de fin d'étude en anglais se traduit : "Graduation Project"  ( on peux ajouter "Final Report"). Nous vous proposons ici un exemple de projet de fin d'étude en anglais dans le domaine de génie civil.

a Graduation Project  is a complete project in a professional situation which marks the end of studies in an engineering school . Its duration is usually between five and eight months. The end of studies project aims to develop the autonomy and responsibility of students, to create a group dynamic and the spirit of collective work and of course to put into practice the lessons received and thus allow students students to assert their know-how and to consider their skills. This may take place entirely within the company, or may require the use of school laboratory equipment. This leads the engineering student to alternate periods in the company and in the laboratory. For example, the end of studies projects of the engineering school ÉTS (École de technologie supérieure) in Montreal are recognized for delivering high quality products. Companies can submit project ideas and students from all departments can participate.